Where Can You Take OUD Lessons & Is the Instrument Difficult To Learn?

OUD instruments lessons can be taken in person, or you can choose to teach yourself with online video tutorials and lessons. What is an OUD? You’ve heard of the mandolin, right? OUDs fall into that category, and they are becoming extremely popular these days in the music world. Are you familiar with America’s Got Talent? Grace Vanderwahl is a young girl who won AGT two seasons ago by singing and playing the mandolin. Now it’s time for you to take your OUD lessons.

Oud for Guitar Players

Think of an OUD like a guitar. Do you already know how to play the guitar? Do you already own an OUD? When you buy one, you’re going to want to make sure you tune it properly as you begin taking lessons offline, online or both. It might actually be better to search for local OUD instructors, while at the same time accentuating your learning experience with oud lessons online. There are many reputable online sources, so it’s not just about searching video tutorials on YouTube.

There is a School of OUD online, and you will find many other valuable resources. Start with the basics, even if you do know how to play a standard acoustic guitar already. You have to hold the OUD the right way when playing. Are you familiar with a Risha? That’s what you use to pluck the strings on your OUD or mandolin. Not only is the OUD comparable to a mandolin, but it is also comparable to a lute.

People who play the OUD often describe it as an extension of their voice. Do you like to sing? If you do, the advice leads to the idea that singing actually helps you learn to play the OUD. One thing you will want to do as you take lessons to learn the OUD is to pick out the scales with your Risha. Knowing the scales is going to be your foundation for playing music. That goes for every musician and every instrument.

Yet you can also learn to play the OUD by ear. And many people pick up the OUD after learning another instrument. That should make it a little easier on you learning how to play the OUD or mandolin, but each instrument is also certainly unique. When searching for lessons in your local area, do you see any instructors that teach students how to play the OUD? If so, their advice and the lessons will be very valuable, and perhaps you might want to start there.

As you grasp how to play this instrument, you can better understand the online lessons and tutorials that are provided, too. You can stop taking lessons in person if you prefer at that point, and you can continue teaching yourself how to play the OUD. It has a very unique sound, and once you discover how to play the instrument, you’re not going to want to put it down. If you play and sing, you’re going to want to pick it up every time you break into song.