Dog, Choosing The Right Way to Train Your Puppy  

Should you train your dog yourself or should you invest in a dog behaviorist richmond? Before you answer that, we want to know, are you prepared to train your dog? Do you have what it takes to effectively discipline your dog? If you’re not prepared better leave this job to the experts because you might traumatize your dog. Also, many pet owners who used ineffective dog training methods ended up frustrated and disappointed with the results. So yes, there is a wrong way and a right way to train your dog. Before you start dog training, you have to understand a few things. Let’s check out what these are.

There Is No Such Thing As Once-Size Fits-All Method

You go to a party and you observe that one of the guests has a well-mannered dog. You feel the need to ask that stranger what he did because you wanted to copy the method he used on his dog hoping that it will have the same effect on yours. Why is this a bad move? Most people think that just because they learn a thing or two about dog training that they’ll be on the path to success. This is wrong because each dog is different and not all dogs respond the same way. Sometimes you need various sources to finally get the technique or method that will work on your dog. We recommend you start experimenting with science-based approaches and see which ones work. You may also combine different pieces of training styles. If you stick to one method just because someone said it worked, you’ll find yourself giving up in the middle of training because you’re not seeing the outcome you envisioned.

You Are Inconsistent

Do you know that pups learn through consistency? If you’re inconsistent with the methods you use, you’ll end up with a confused pup that can’t follow directions. There’s also a possibility that you’ll reinforce bad behavior without you knowing it. For example, you set a new rule that your dog is not allowed to stay on the couch but there are days when you’re too lazy to tell your dog no and so you just let him sit there. And then there are days when you get at your dog for staying on the couch. This will leave your dog confused.

Another example is begging. If a dog isn’t given food when you and your family are eating in the table it will never beg in the future. Usually, the habit of begging is developed when people in the household start giving food to your dog during mealtime. But if everyone in the house ignores the dog, the habit will eventually die down. If you keep giving your dog food it will associate it with a reward and it will think that begging is a good thing.

You Are Impatient

You want to see results fast. Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, dog training doesn’t work that way. Each dog learns at its own pace. Even if you use an effective and science-based method, it may still not work on your dog or it may not work as fast as you’d like. It’s important that during training, you should be calm and relaxed because if you’re angry you will only stress out your dog and that will negatively impact its progress and ability to learn.

You Instill Harsh Discipline

Dog trainers do not agree with punishment because based on experience, dogs learn better when they are rewarded rather than being punished. If you are going to train your dog best if you do not yell, hit, stare down or grab your dog by the neck because these actions can cause your dog to become aggressive.


Dog training is challenging but it’s also fun once you get it right and once you start seeing results. It’s also a great opportunity for you to bond with your dog.